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Are You Expecting?
Have a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy and Give Bubs The Best Start To Life.
Step-By-Step System Created by Dr Julie Bhosale,
Family Nutrition and Wellness Expert and Mum Of 2
Does any of this sound like you?…
  • You have constant cravings?
  • You are exhausted?
  • You are struggling with morning sickness?
  • You are hungry all the time?
  • You are worried about giving your baby the best nutrition now?
  • You just don’t know what you are allowed to eat?
  • You constantly eat sugar, chocolate, chips…but want to change this?
  • You are worried about putting on excessive weight during pregnancy?
  • You are at risk for gestational diabetes?
  • You know you should eat better during pregnancy but don’t know where to start?
  • You are stuck for easy healthy recipe ideas?
Trust Me... You’re Not The Only One!
Pregnancy is a time of massive change!
You know you should eat less sugary foods…but what do you do when there is a cake for morning tea put straight in front of you?

What do you do when you are so exhausted (growing a baby is VERY hard work) and you just cannot face leaving the house, let alone cooking dinner?

Or the lolly jar has been calling your name for the last hour?

Most people think if they just had more will power they will just magically eat better!

Pregnancy can be challenging!
Here are a just few reasons that people struggle to eat well during pregnancy
  • You have morning sickness
  • You are tired ALL the time
  • You can’t have certain foods due to the risk of food poisoning
  • Reflux makes even the nicest sounding meals seem unappealing
  • You are hungry (ALL the time).
  • You still crave the foods that you are not allowed.
  • You don’t know HOW to especially when you have NO time!
  • Making food takes so much effort.
The Truth Is...
There is a lot changing for you right now and some of those changes are really challenging.

Hormone changes, exhaustion, morning sickness, reflux, body changes….

All these changes make eating well extra harder than normal, don’t forget you are growing a little human after all!

You need a step by step programme to guide you through and take all the stress and hard work out of eating well right now.

You also need some very simple practical tips on how to do this in the busyness of life.        
NOW is the time
Pregnancy is THE most important time to eat well.

What you eat during pregnancy not only nourishes you BUT also your growing baby.

You are setting up your baby’s healthy eating habits and metabolism right now.

PLUS the habits and skills you learn today will be so important when your baby arrives and you have even LESS time.

This premier online programme is designed to give you maximum guidance, support and expert knowledge to achieve the optimal nutrition habits you have been dreaming about so that you can become your own nutritionist and have a healthy happy pregnancy.
I want to take care of your food for you so you go back to enjoying the magic of being pregnant!
"When I first found out I was pregnant I found it really hard to know what foods to eat – it felt like I could almost eat nothing! And I was soooo tired. I did Julie’s Beautiful Bump programme and it was super helpful. Plus the private member group is really supportive."
− Mum 19 weeks expecting her first baby
"During my first pregnancy I really struggled to eat well. I ate a lot of sugary foods, donuts especially and I put on over 20kgs. I followed Julie's new Beautiful Bump programme and WOW I wish I had this the first time around! So easy to follow and the recipes are great!"

− Mum of an 18month old and pregnant with number two
Why I know this works?
1. I am a family wellness and nutrition expert, and completed my Doctoral thesis in 2015.  

2. I have worked as a nutritionist for over 10 years, helping mums to-be have a happy, healthy pregnancy and give their baby the best start to life.

3. I am a mum!
As a very busy working mum with two small boys I get how precious your time is!! This is why I have developed this Beautiful Bump programme. So you can get all my support and expert knowledge without leaving your house!

When you are pregnant you are up against some big physiological hormonal changes and often fatigue, simple realistic changes are essential to success.
If a busy everyday working mum can do this so can you!
Yes, you will need to make some changes (and maybe try some delicious new recipes)

But….once you get eating well.
You will start FEELING amazing!
"Thank YOU for creating a programme that is so easy to follow. I learnt heaps that I wish I had much sooner!

− Mother of 2, pregnant with number 3
"When I had my blood sugar test down it came back high. I was really worried. I got in touch with Dr Julie and followed her Beautiful Bump programme. Within two weeks I got my blood sugar back down to normal!!! Plus I learnt heaps about easy meals."
− Mum 30 weeks expecting her first baby
What is in your Beautiful Bump Programme?
Your Beautiful Bump is a super easy programme teaching you everything you need to know about eating well during pregnancy.

You’ll learn expert tips to help overcome some of the big challenges of being pregnant.

It’s a complete online virtual process to give you the best expert advice (from a Doctor!) in the comfort of your own home – so you can become your own nutritionist.

As long as you have internet access you can go through the step by step programme and transform your health and the health of your growing baby.
How do I know Beautiful Bump is for me?
  • I want to eat as well as I can for myself and my baby.
  • I want some help to cope with morning sickness.
  • I really want more energy.
  • I want easy healthy recipe ideas
  • I want to gain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy.
  • I want some expert advice on preventing gestational diabetes.
  • I want to practical advice on preparing for life with a baby.
  • I want to give my baby the very best start to life.
I could go on and on… but I know you get it!
What will you learn in Beautiful Bump?
Latest Expert Nutrition Advice
  • Just what foods are safe to eat during pregnancy

  • What supplements do you need?

  • Sugar and its impact on your body and hormones
  • Just what the go is with dietary fat today

  • Fatigue and how to manage it with food
- How to avoid excess weight gain 

  • Gestational diabetes – prevention and management
Realistic Practical Ideas
  • Managing morning sickness
  • Eating out while you are pregnant

  • Preparing for baby

  • Coping with exhaustion
  • Pregnancy approved

  • Nutrient dense

  • Healthy

  • Easy

  • Everyday ingredients
Printable Guides
Beautiful Bump comes with loads of downloadable printable guides including:
  • Emergency Handbag Checklist
  • Morning Sickness Guide
  • Pregnancy Snack Fridge List
  • Craving Busters
  • Safe Food Checklist
Bonus Module – Style Your Bump
  • Looking good can really help make you FEEL good! Learn how to style your bump without breaking the bank AND having to wear drab maternity clothes. Chasing Cait, personal stylist (and mum-to-be herself) shares her top tricks to get more confidence and feel good about your body changes during pregnancy.
Who is Dr Julie Bhosale?
Dr Julie Bhosale is an internationally-renowned family wellbeing and nutrition expert, author and speaker who is changing the conversation around family wellbeing and the realities of a woman’s “life after birth”.

Dr Julie believes that women who understand the science behind the changes to their bodies during pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period, are better equipped to cope with the challenges of early motherhood. She is open about her struggles and in 2015 her blog My Real Postpartum Body made headlines around the world and united a global community of mothers.

She is passionate about good nutrition and helping families establish lifelong healthy habits that work for busy modern lifestyles. She shares her expert nutrition advice through her specialist online programmes for pregnancy, life with a newborn, losing baby weight safely and starting solids.

Dr Julie has been featured on Seven Sharp, The Lorraine Show and in Woman's Day and frequently appears as a family wellbeing expert on Paul Henry, Breakfast and in the New Zealand Herald. She recently published her first book, Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums and her research has been published in international peer-reviewed medical journals and featured in the mainstream press.
A Sneak Peak Inside Beautiful Bump
What you’ll receive as part of Beautiful Bump:
7 Powerful Modules of Step-by-Step Training (Value $2,000)
You’ll receive 7 video modules stepping you through to your Beautiful Bump! 
Each module has short tasks (‘homework’ but fun) with a breakdown of actions
Everything is downloadable and can be saved to your computer to use for as long as you like.
1 Bonus Module – Style Your Bump - Chasing Cait Personal Stylist ($200)
Looking good during pregnancy really helps you to feel good! Chasing Cait is an Auckland-based personal styling business and everyday style blog helping you create confidence through style. With over 15 years in the fashion industry, Chasing Cait's Caitlin Taylor is passionate about making women feel good about themselves on the inside by making them confident on the outside. Pregnant herself with her first baby (due very soon) Chasing Cait share’s with you her top pregnancy styling tips (that won’t break the bank either!).
12 Months 24/7 Facebook Support Group (Value $1,000)
This private group is specifically for BBs (Beautiful Bumper’s). You can post questions any time of the day or night. Myself or my team are in there each day to support you. This is also a great place to ask for feedback from others in the community who are on a similar journey.
Access to my list of recommended health professionals
(10 Years Experience)
I’ve spent years building a team of the best health professionals. Some of the people on this list I have used for 10+ years. The people on this list are ONLY people I have used myself and are highly skilled at helping you with all areas of health and wellness during pregnancy. Finding the best people to guide you through this time is crucial so this alone is invaluable! You will also have access to this team (at scheduled weeks) inside the private support groups across the course of the programme so you can ask them questions directly.
Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums (Value $40 hard copy)
This is my brand new cook book created just for mums and mums-to-be to take all the stress out of cooking dinner. All meals are family friendly, can be made in advance (and easily frozen) and are packed full of nutrients! Not to mention all dinners are broken down into two weekly plans with complete shopping lists – so you can just take the list to the supermarket (or online shopping) and you have dinner set for the week! This will be a life saver when bubs arrives too. As part of this programme you receive the ebook completely FREE!
Printable Meal Planner (Value $20 hard copy)
Meal planning is key to being organised and eating well – get a FREE printable copy of my weekly meal planner to print off for your fridge!.
Chasing Cait’s Pregnancy Style Guide (Value $30)
As part of your bonus Style Your Bump module you will ALSO receive a FREE downloadable style guide which you can print out and have on hand for busy mornings when deciding just what to wear seems impossible!
BUT… you won’t pay anywhere near this!
ARE YOU READY FOR My Beautiful Bump?
Usually $197
Get Instant Access To Begin The Course
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
The success of my Beautiful Programme with other mums-to-be means I’m extremely confident that you will be pleased with what you get from the program. However, if within 30 Days, if you can show me that you have gone through the modules, taken all the weekly actions, and you don’t see value in the program, I’d be happy to refund your money in full. Just submit proof that you’ve taken the steps suggested in the first half of the course and we’ll immediately give you your money back.
"I highly recommend Dr Julie’s Beautiful Bump Programme. I am expecting my first baby in a few months and I was so confused about what I should and shouldn’t be eating and really worried about gaining too much weight. Her programme was amazing and I was really surprised to learn all about sugar and other simple healthy options. (Mum 20 weeks pregnant with first baby)"
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